A Few of Our Favorite Things

Bailey Sevey

You can thank us later for this one, Bailey comes to YOUR HOUSE and will professional blow dry your hair.
Call: (480) 703-4778


Coach Dar

For the past 18 years, Darleen Santore has worked as a Board Certified Occupational Therapist and coach. As a therapist, she has worked side by side with individuals who have overcome unimaginable setbacks due to illness or injury. And as a coach, she has partnered with individuals of all walks of life, in an effort to help them reach their peak potential.


Command Center

Create a system that will work for your home.


Bookcase – Kallax

Use it horizontal or vertical, with or without baskets. Comes in several sizes and colors.



If you love dogs you will love Jules Gissler (artologist) whimsical dog art.


Lori Mason Designs

Lori will make memorial quilts with clothing and keepsake fabric supplied by you.


Project Repat

Project Repat creates a high quality, affordable T shirt quilt and brings jobs back to the United States.


Swoop Bag

The ultimate, modern toy storage solution. Ideal for Lego, trains, blocks, dolls, cars and more!


Walter Gentner

Email: walter.gentner@imortgage.com
Phone: (480) 518-1071
Purchase and Refinance mortgage loans.