man_business_jugglingSome questions have been with us since the dawn of time: what is the nature of humanity? Why are we here? Can men be organized? While the answers to those first two questions remain elusive, it does appear to be the case that men can in fact be organized. Here’s the evidence:

Meet “The World’s Most Organized Man”, according to Men’s Health Magazine. When we extend the notion of organizing to the way we think about problems and live our lives, the principles or organizing turn into successful business tools. Fortunately, they apply to both sexes as equal-opportunity wisdom. Just what’s so special about the number 7? Find out here.  Reader’s Digest also believes they have found the World’s Most Organized Man in artist Ursus Wehrli (his soup is at right).the-art-of-clean-up-03-soup-sl

Aside from organizing our mind, our soup, and the Fortune 500, men also have opinions about home. Some assert that they are more organized–and hold higher standards for cleaning–than their wives. Listen in on The Relationship Podcast, hosted by two men (one is a therapist), as they discuss this topic.

Men’s standards for organization and cleanliness can be just as high as women’s standards, but it might make us uncomfortable until we get used to the idea. We might exaggerate or make fun of the fact that they like things tidy. Think Felix Unger or Mr. Adrian Monk  (ok, I’m old, these are my references). In fact, a closer study proves that conflicts in this area are more relationship-based than gender-based.

Whether you think you might qualify as the world’s most organized man, or whether you feel more comfortable playing the role of Oscar Madison, know that the world is slowly turning in your favor, and extending the welcome handshake of organization in all aspects of life. How do you rate yourself on the organization scale?

closet men's shirts hanging neatly