“Choose a cheerful house, furnish it with taste and propriety, such that everything in your home breathes of you. Have good books, instruments, good friends, pleasant company. . .”  Madeleine de Puisieux, (Letter to a Friend), 1749.

What makes a house a home? Advice from the 18th century about furnishing our homes still rings true. Our homes should reflect our own thoughts, style, and character. They don’t need to be elaborate or oversized–they just need to suit us. The essence of who we are can be revealed in the elegance of simplicity: A fresh tomato. A child’s toy. Space to breathe, read, make music, and laugh.


Instead of finding fault, look to see what makes your house cheerful. Is it the noise of children or pets? The beauty of a vase of flowers? A serene table set “just so” in the heat of the day? Finding ourselves in our space should not be a burden, but an ongoing journey of discovery and expression. Move away from the worry of what others think, and find your way to creating that invisible air of refuge and comfort: home.

What makes your house a home?

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