packing and moving services

I needed HELP making a change of lifestyle, from a 6,000 sq ft home, to a 3,500 to a 2200 sq ft
town house that I am now in ………. typed something in “goggle” to that affect, and here popped
up the “Dependable Diva’s” WOW did I get lucky, two amazing mother/daughter team women that
stop at nothing. We started in my office, and moved through every room and box in my old
house, getting rid of at least 30 box’s of just junk I was holding on to. They had no emotional
attachment, so it was goodbye Charlie!!! They cleaned my closet, my garage, in fact really my
entire house out of things that needed to be gone, but it did not stop there, they themselves
made sure things were picked up by different charity groups and or taken to 2nd hand stores to
be sold. They organized my last move, from the movers to the cleaners. I knew confidentiality
was not a problem, as they did not speak of there other clients. I love these women, they are
truly AMAZING!