library home Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of hiring a professional organizer. They see it either as an extravagant luxury or an admission that they are somehow lacking in basic life skills. Neither is true.

Professional organizers help people who are looking to make progress in their lives. This includes people who may not be able to “see” the organizing principles that could make their home or office run more smoothly, until they have a more formal “hands-on” discussion of what this might look like. These are skills and routines that, once learned, can serve you well for the rest of your life.

Organizers may be called to assist people going through transitions or learning to manage their time more efficiently.

This might include:

A busy mom or dad who is trying to organize the home around kids’ school activities, toys, and sporting events.

Someone who has just moved into a new home, and wants to set up the household.

Someone who is about to move, and wants to organize in preparation of the sale.

A professional person who is busy outside the home, and needs streamlining of office functions.

Someone who has just remodeled a kitchen (lucky you!) and wants to set it up to function at its best.

kitchen counter prettySomeone who has trouble discarding items due to painful emotional attachments. This might include grieving the loss of a loved one.

Empty-nesters who just jettisoned the adult children, and want to re-purpose their rooms (gasp!) for their own use as a sewing room, office, movie room, cocktail lounge, man-cave, etc.

Artists who want space to create and an organized way to store

You get the idea. Professional organizers help people make the most of their time and their lives. How can we help you?