People move for a variety of reasons, marriage, birth, health challenges, divorce,elder care, bereavement!

Moving is a major event and can be very stressful and overwhelming. We can help you in the pre-move planning, de-cluttering,coordination with the movers and unpack your new home.

Moving is the perfect time to reduce your clutter,we’ll help you decide what items will go and what stays. When you get rid of unwanted items, you won’t waste your time or money moving them. Believe it or not, that can add up to big savings!

We can make arrangements for the unwanted items to picked up (donate,trash, consignment, shipped to a relative) and provide tips for packing & keeping safe the belongings you do want. Just imagine being surrounded by only things that you need and love in your new home. How good will it feel? So whether you are moving across town — or across the country — merging households, or downsizing, let us help you.

We also offer the highest standard of privacy and confidentiality while supporting your moving needs.
Dependable Divas are here to make your move easier.