Residential Organizing

We understand how stressful, overwhelmed and out of control your life feels when things are disorganized. You may feel paralyzed at the thought of sorting through years of clutter and have no idea where to start.

Dependable Divas will help you get back in control. We love turning chaos into order.


The master bedroom should be a calm, serene place to relax. We’ll help you achieve that by making sure the floor is clean, all clothes hung up, and dressers cleared off.

Guest Rooms

It’s easy to toss unwanted items into a spare bedroom that nobody sees. We’ll help you reclaim that space by creating Keep, Toss, Donate and Relocate piles. Once you have decided on the items to keep, we can help you find new ways to organize the items you love.


Remember the 80-20 rule. It means 80% of the time; you wear 20% of the SAME clothes. That’s a lot of unworn clothes taking up valuable space. We will pull everything out of your closet, and eliminate clothing that doesn’t fit, no longer matches your taste or style, or are worn/stained. You should love how something looks and feels on you.

Kitchen and Pantry

The kitchen is often called “The Heart of the Home”. A place where people eat, drink and do homework. We’ll help you set up a functional, organized kitchen. De-cluttering, removing extra or duplicate dish/cookware, and eliminating expired food.

Kids Rooms & Playroom

Kids have a lot of stuff. We will go through the out-grown toys, discuss rotation and storage. Organization is not taught in any classes in school, so you must teach them these important skills and give them the tools to be successful. We suggest labeling containers either with words or pictures.

Home Office

Since organizing papers takes more time than organizing other items, it’s no wonder people put it off, they don’t know where to start. We’ll sort and file your papers and work with you on your troubled spots. We will develop a system for better work flow and make your home office a place where you will want to spend time.

Laundry Room

You don’t need a huge space to do laundry; in fact a very small space can be efficient. We know laundry is boring so we try to come up with bins and supplies in cheerful colors to make it less tedious. We are happy to suggest a hanging bar for clothes still drying or shelves to maximize space.


Your car would like its garage back.
Once you tell us your vision for the space, we’ll sort, purge and suggest bins or shelving, creating zones. Each zone will have its own purpose–cleaning supplies, tools, sports, hobbies etc. Transparent bins with labels are ideal to create a manageable system.


There is no right or wrong way to store memorabilia; it varies from person to person. Plus a lot of it depends on your space and what’s valuable to you. Only you know what’s important enough to keep and what you can get rid of.

Since sorting through the items can sometimes be emotional, we suggest doing it slowly and taking breaks. We will work with you and sort through your photos, collections, and keepsakes. We can help you create books or memory boxes and suggest ways to honor your cherished memories.

Soon you will be surrounded by only the things you need, use and love in your home.