Once the movers leave, it’s not over…. Generally, there are boxes everywhere! This is just the beginning, and it can be overwhelming.

Dependable Divas takes the move-in process one step further. We’ll unpack your boxes, put away and set up your belongings, even give tips on de-cluttering — all in a professional, organized manner. What we can do in one or two visits may take you several days or even weeks of your time to get settled. You can start your new life in your home unpacked and organized. Our team will do the entire home or just certain areas. It’s up to you!

Here’s just a few of the things we can help you with

  • all boxes broken down and placed in a central location
  • bathroom items put away
  • beds made up
  • closets set up
  • clothes put away
  • garage categorized
  • kitchen arranged for function (yes, the coffee will be set up for the morning)
  • kitchen items in drawers, cabinets and pantry
  • laundry room set up for efficiency
  • office made into a functioning space
  • playroom organized for fun
  • and more!

Most of our clients are happy to leave it to us as to how their belongings are organized, others prefer to be more involved…the choice is yours. Our lead organizer will check-in regularly with you throughout the day to ensure priorities are met and you’re satisfied.
We also offer the highest standard of privacy and confidentiality while performing your move-in needs.