artist.paint brushes lined upRecently we had a request to help organize art supplies. That got us thinking: should art supplies be neat? Is there something about the creative process that requires a loosening of boundaries in order to more fully explore our ideas? Some people think so.

Check out the creative spaces of some famous artists, and you’ll see they run the gamut from pristine beauty to colorful chaos. You’ll know best what clears your mind and makes way for the creative muse to speak to you. The question is, how do you get from here to there?

light bulb colorfulKnow yourself: does your current space inspire? Does a jumble of supplies contribute to your creative process? Or are you troubled by the mess? Is it difficult to find the supplies you need when you need them? Do you feel free in your space?  These questions can help you decide if your clutter is dysfunctional: that is, if it keeps you from functioning the way you want to.

If you do feel that your space could use a bit of organizing, here are some suggestions from our friends on Pinterest. They range from chicken wire creations to elaborate set-ups, and include lots of recycled materials as options. Just think: one of your finest masterpieces could be found in the organizing itself. Now that’s a work of art!