zombieProfessional organizers do more than simply clear away the clutter. Recognizing the wants and needs of our clients, and helping them realize their goals, is vital. Three areas that help us accomplish this include:

Function: a professional organizer looks at your space—whether a home office, a kitchen, or family room, and works with you to define and enhance its function. Is your home office conducive to getting work done? Are bills handled in a timely, systematic way?

Often what we view as personal flaws (“I’m late with the bills again!” or “I keep procrastinating and I missed a deadline!”) are in fact products of our environment. Do your kids have trouble getting out of the house in the morning? Is there a predictable scramble for homework or to find the right shoes? Do you go through the same hurried routine every morning? Creating a system that is reliable and organic means improving functionality so that your processes and living spaces work as they should, and stress is no longer your early morning companion.woman in a hurry clocks all around

Safety: So often we fail to realize that home accidents are more likely to send us to the emergency room than anything else. And yes, that includes shark attacks and the Zombie Apocalypse. Kitchen accidents include cuts from knives and burns from hot ovens and pans (are you running to check your fire extinguisher right now? Don’t run—falls are dangerous for everyone and send 2.5 million people to the emergency room every year). Small children are at risk of pulling unsecured furniture over onto themselves (inexpensive straps prevent this from happening). And of course, we all need working smoke alarms and, when relevant, CO2 detectors properly installed. For more on home safety, check out this CDC Checklist. To prepare yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse, click here.

Beauty: Last but not least, a professional organizer can enhance the beauty of your home. Whether helping you to “re-vision” your space as a clear, welcoming retreat (note: you don’t have to be rich to love your space!), or editing possessions to reveal the true personality of your rooms, the goal of beauty is not frivolous or trivial. An attractive environment is welcoming, soothing, and helps us reflect on ourselves, our loved ones, and the world that surrounds us.  vase home vignette

Let us know if you are considering improving the function, safety, or beauty of your home. You deserve to be supported by your most personal environment in a way that nourishes mind, body, and spirit.